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This site is now and will always be "under construction".

Many have asked for my personal notes and manuscripts from basic Gospel to the Apocalyptic Studies offered at Discovery. I have felt led of God to make these notes and studies open to whomever has interest in these topics. Please keep in mind, I study both sides of most issues and keep notes related to both sides, understand I often copy and paste commentary and opinions of many and these are my "personal notes" and your most welcome to study along with me. Any difference of opinion from a "Born Again" "Blood Washed" person will be most welcome, as with the topics that will be found within this site are those that we are most likely not going to all agree on. May we behave in a professional manor and let the Word (Bible) be the final authority. The blog below was written about Discovery Church of God and this is a Personal Invitation to You.

Thanks Pastor Rodney

Walking into a new Church can be a traumatic experience, here you can have church anytime, pick any topic, read it, open your mind till you feel the Spirit’s Presence. Cold, Judgmental, Complacent, Watching the clock for 12:00 is OVER. Excitement and Fulfillment is expected in each new member. Depth, Warmth, Self Improvement is a normal part of the Spirit Filled Curriculum. Life Application Studies with the Anointing of the Spirit, directed toward the Glory of God will fulfill the longing and emptiness you may now be experiencing. God will speak to you through this work if you will allow Him. Many backsliding souls as well and the lost have found the life changing Spiritual Teaching their Souls have been longing for. Lively, moving, personal one on one relationships with the Elders of the Church will assure your being fed to the Standards of Christ’s Gospel. Electing to check us out, may in fact be the direction God has planned for you as He has for many others. Our "Discovery" means just that, we’re non-judgmental to everyone, meaning you are and will be welcomed here, regardless of any ethnic or personal situations. We’re here to help, encourage, teach and offer the Gospel to you. Also in assuring you that once you’ve repented and are living by the Standards of the Gospel, that your on your way to Heaven. Growing in Spirit is expected by God, but can be a difficult job without the Spirit Filled Men and Women of God that are there to help you.  is just that, the Father/Mother figures as well as the Spiritual Leadership that you may be missing in your life. Why is it that some are Full of Spirit after just a few weeks of being Saved and other seem to have been Saved for 50 years and never really full of Spirit? Its Simple, they have not been fed as God would have fed them within one of His Truly Spirit Filled Churches. Wouldn't it be wonderful to be part of a Christian Family? A group who honestly loves and helps you get through the trials of life is something hard to come by these days. No, we’re not a handout, but more like a helping hand. Discovery's staff is made up of many from different walks of life, from those who have always been in Church to the recovering Addicts all are welcome in God’s House. What ever you’re situation is, most likely one of us have dealt with it before. Drugs, alcohol, addictions of the flesh are common in the backgrounds of our Members which are also Members of the Bride of Christ. This extended hand of fellowship is now offered to you personally by our staff.

Discovery Church of God is lead by God through Pastor Rodney Luffman which is only another Member that was called of God to lead the flock. Leading is simply making sure that God stays in charge of the Group. The Shepherd of any Spiritual Flock is required to be a Spirit Filled, Saved, Forgiven, Sanctified Instrument which allows themselves to be used as God directs. Pastor Rodney dosen’t act as if he is running the Church, but stays focused on keeping the eyes of the Congregation on the Face of Jesus. Simply said, God is the True Shepherd of Discovery Church of God.

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